Facilitating GDPR Compliance for SME's

Secure Helping Hand on your GDPR journey

So what exactly is the GDPR.
GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is a long overdue update to outdated Privacy Standards. Companies have until May 25th 2018 to become compliant. All personal data you hold needs to be documented. You need to start your journey NOW to ensure compliance.

GDPR Data Mapping

Who is the GDPR for?
Every business and organisation regardless of size is affected. Any business that collects, manages or uses Personal  Data in any form. Filing systems, computer systems, CCTV footage are covered under the GDPR. if you have Employees, Customers, Clients, Patients then the GDPR applies to you.

GDPR Subject Access

How we can help.
A dedicated GDPR site for your Organization. Manage your Data Assets in one location. Manage your Educational needs. Manage your Subject Access Requests. Meet your Documentation obligations. IT Security basics.

GDPR Breach Logging

Dedicated to Small Business

SHH system guides you on your GDPR  journey

A Secure helping hand to walk you though starting your GDPR project, educating you along the way, managing your documentation, locating all your GDPR  documentation in the cloud



 Our GDPR Data Management System is cloud based and stores all your information securely in one place.

Manage your GDPR
Learn how to identify and categorize your data assets. Register all your data assets in one location. Download your data assets in excel format. Manage your subject access requests. Manage your DIPA process. Update policy and procedures.
Educate your Organisation
Self paced GDPR training based on role. CEO specific training. General staff GDPR training. Dealing with data subject access requests. DIPA  assessing risk  training. IT security basics for SME’s. and much more….
Dedicated Cloud based Environment
Each customer has a dedicated site where they can add staff members and assign content and education sessions  based on the staff members role Your site is hosted on the  cloud and uses a European Data Centre Accessible on the GO on any Device
Stay up to date on all things GDPR. Get the latest security alerts to help secure your organisation. Learn about the upcoming European Digital Market.
Our Process

Project Setup

Set up the project for your organisation so that we can tailor our solution to your needs.
 Project Team
Assign roles to your Team. Give them role based access to your project
Educate your staff, assign education modules based on role.
Progress Dashboard
View your progress on your dashboard, understand and mitigate your exposure to risk.
Follow our basic security process to help protect your organisation and IT systems.